Hi, I'm Nathan Lampe Senior Frontend Engineer at Glassdoor

Nathan Lampe

Building you a better experience on the web

It's What I Love

Front–end development, with an extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have a passion for making ideas come to life with a balance of simplicity and the perfect UX.

Back–end development, specializing in Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP, and ECMAscript based languages. I can make any website a powerful tool that works for you.




What I can do for you

I use a mobile first approach to all responsive design and development. Whether you need a simple website or a SaaS on the cloud, I can rapidly prototype or build it production ready.

By utilizing solid frameworks and APIs I create code that is scalable and maintainable. I can deliver content-rich websites with cutting edge technologies for real-time interaction that delivers an excellent user experience.

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Some of my recent development work